Mini Bomb Blonde Ale

Blonde Ale 5% abv


Pale Ale 6% abv

Hazy Miss Daisy

New England IPA 7% abv

Wee Heavy

Scottish Strong Ale 10% abv

Juicy Lucy

IPA  7% abv​

also available on nitro

A-Crop Blacklight

*On Nitro*

Stout 9% abv

Also with Vanilla or Coconut

Heavy Hearted Amber

Amber Ale 8% abv

Big Barleywine

Barleywine 14% abv

"This" or "That"

India Pale Ale & Belgian Pale Ale 10% abv

Nuttin' 2it

Pecan Brown Ale 10% abv

Hop Swapper Batch #292

New England IPA 9.5% abv​


Breakfast Stout 10% abv

Nuts For You

Peanut Butter Stout 8% abv

Worthington Wit

American Wheat Ale  7.5% abv​


Heavy Hearted Amber
Amber Ale 8%
A balanced beauty with notes of biscuit, caramel, toffee, and toast, with a slight hop bite.
A-Crop Black Light
Stout 9% ABV
This full-bodied stout features rich dark chocolate and roasted tones, balanced by caramel notes and mild bitterness from Centennial and Perle hops.
Hazy Miss Daisy
New England IPA 7%
With all the "Haze Craze" one might think we just jumped on the bandwagon. However, we have been brewing this bright beauty for a couple years. She boasts a tart juiciness that derives from Amarillo and Mosaic hops. The light haze you see from the east coast yeast with a slight bit of maltiness makes this brew a fan fave.
Juicy Lucy IPA
India Pale Ale 7% ABV
Juicy Lucy is a lighter IPA made to become your everyday beer. This delicious IPA delivers a citrusy punch full of fruity flavors, namely papaya, apricot, and guava. This lovely lady was double dry hopped with Citra and Rakau hops.
Shadowed Mistress
American Strong Ale 9% ABV
This American Strong Ale is continuously hopped with Citra hops. This dark lady features a tropical juice blast with light hints of roasted malt for a deep, ultra-balanced drinking experience.
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3 Socks IPA
India Pale Ale 10% ABV
Notes of pine and grapefruit balance caramel sweetness and a big malt backbone in this easy-drinking IPA.
BamBaLam Breakfast Stout
Breakfast Stout 10% ABV
This seasonal favorite flaked oats, locally roasted Crimson Cup Coffee, and Ghirardelli chocolate.
Hootspa Wheat Ale
Wheat Ale 7% abv
This beauty is hopped with Palisade, Centennial, Amarillo, and Goldings that gives this easy drinker a fruitiness your tongue won't forget.
I.B.S. (I Believe In Santa) Ale
Holiday Ale Porter
With an expert blend of cinnamon, vanilla bean, and orange peel, this porter is just the thing for those cold winter nights. Try it and you too will be saying, "I Believe in Santa."
Nuttin 2it -Ale
Pecan Brown Ale 10% ABV
A delicious, smooth-drinking, well-balanced brown ale with hints of nuttiness. Perfect for sipping next to a bonfire.
One Night Stand Series
Our One Night Stand series beers are limited run, specialty beers that allow us to artfully experiment with ingredients. Most come and go in one run, but some stick around and become a regular favorite (Hazy Miss Daisy is one example.)
Barrel Aged Heavy Hearted Amber
Bourbon Barrel Aged Amber Ale 8% ABV
Sometimes you win at love, sometimes you lose. With each loss there is a heaviness that sets into your heart. Get out of your funk with this full bodied, brilliant amber. The sweet aroma followed by a smooth taste will remind you that there is always another -- beer or lover.
Too Cans Imperial IPA
Imperial IPA 14% ABV
Too Cans Imperial IPA is what Zaftig's foundation was built on. The ridiculous amount of grain mixed with an absurd amount of Centennial, Columbus, and Cascade hops make for an amazingly balanced IPA that is not for the faint of heart.
Worthington Wit
Wheat 7% ABV
This beer was constructed backwards. We started with a low flocculating East Coast style yeast to help give the beer its cloudiness and fruity ester notes. We worked to balance the grain and the hops (Centennial, Saaz, and Amarillo) to give the a perfect balance of earthy flavors of wheat, a bite of hops, and a tart finish from the yeast.
Zaftig Bourbon Stout (ZBS)
Four Roses Barrel Aged Stout 10% ABV
Zaftig Bourbon Stout is our signature barrel aged beer. We make this stout with lots of chocolate, roasted flavors, and age it with some of the best American Bourbon Barrels, Four Roses. We then add vanilla beans to round out this classic ale. The combination of beer, bourbon, and vanilla will have you wondering when this beauty will come again!
Wee Heavy Scottish Ale
Scottish Strong Ale 10% ABV

Our Scottish ale is a beauty full of toffee, caramel, and dark fruit notes and grassy, floral hops. This is also quite well suited for gathering some age in a cellar. Pairs well with smoked salmon, venison sausages, haggis, sticky toffee pudding, and smoked Gouda cheese.
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A-Crop Black Light

Stout 9% ABV This full-bodied stout features rich dark chocolate and roasted tones, balanced by caramel notes and mild bitterness from Centennial and Perle hops.